Rob Arce - Bass/Vocals

Rob has relocated to North Carolina.
After relocating to the Tampa Bay area in 1998 and playing with many different bands, including Loose Toona and the Kristie Blue Band, he found a home with Sound Wave.

His early influences belong to the Hard Rock and Progressive genre with bands like UK, Yes, King Crimson, Grand Funk, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple. His musical journey would later take a slightly different path and exposure to bands such as White Snake, Queensryche, Styx, Kansas, Toto, and Journey. Then the 80's brought into the spotlight bands like Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Ratt, Y&T, and too many others to list.

Always searching for new musical outlets, Rob has embraced different styles of music from Metal, Funk, Blues and R&B, to Classic Rock and Latin Jazz

"It's all about diversity and the search for the groove!" - Rob Arce

That's what the Sound Wave band is all about!